Heavy equipment
We do all kinds of work on heavy equipment.
Utility trailer manufacturing
If you are looking for a specific trailer and can't find it anywhere, our team at Serge G & D Repair will build one for you under your specs.
Safety checks
We take safety checks very seriously to make sure your vehicle, trailer is in proper shape and safe for you to take back on the roads!

RV Maintenance & Repairs
We perform oil changes, maintenance, safety checks and much more on RV's.

Air conditioning
We carry hoses, compressors, dryers, condensers, freon for a majority of makes and models. We also carry the equipment to empty, test and refill systems.
We have the proper equipment to work on all kinds of projects at our shop or any locations with our service trucks.

We carry all kinds of lights, wiring, pig tails, terminals and much more to fix any wiring problem!
Steel & Aluminum
We have in stock steel and aluminum of all types, flat bar, angle, square tubing, round tubing etc. We can also assist you in all of your projects. 
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Rad shop
We have all the proper equipment to test, diagnose and repair most radiators. We also carry a few models of radiators and can quote you on the one you are looking for.
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Thermo King / Carrier
We can work on reefers to read codes, replace starters, alternators or belts, we have a few parts to do the repairs.

Fifth wheels
Fifth wheel repairs and replacement. 

Suspension / Bushings
We carry a variety of bushings, leaf springs, air bags and also the proper equipment to do the job.

We have a variety of U-bolts from 3/8'' to 1' in diameter. We can also make them to your specs with our U-bolt bender.

Code reader
Code reader / ABS code reader
​​​​ 214 Highway 11 East,
Hearst, Ont. (705) 362-5633
We carry 2, 4 and 6 braid hoses and a variety of fittings and sizes.
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