214 Hwy 11 east, Hearst, Ont.

Customer service

Costumer service is important to us as its the reason you come back time after time. It is also the reason why we are still here after 23 years of service.


Heavy equipment​

Our goal


Did you know ?

Computer/ABS code reader

We recently acquired a computer system to check codes on engines and ABS systems!

  • Air bags
  • Springs
  • Maxi
  • Lights
  • Exaust
  • Hand tools
  • Brake pads / Drums and much more!

Commitment to quality service

At Serge G & D Repair when we work on one of our clients truck, car, trailer, excavator or anything in between we work on it like its one of our own vehicle. 

At Serge G & D Repair we not only work on trucks and trailers but we also work on heavy machinery!


Road Service

We offer a wide variety of hydraulic parts

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We have a lot of A/C parts such as compressors, dryers, condensors.  

We offer 24 hour road service!  


We carry a few models of webasto's!